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'The Picture Looking Inwards': Τhe exhibition and its audience at the gallery

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The Picture Looking Inwards
is MGK's
second solo show.
(Please visit the first one
The exhibition
took place at the gallery
in Athens, Greece
April 13th and March 24th 2013.

The artist wishes to thank Stavros Stavrides for the catalogue text. You can read it here.

Penelope Vlassopoulou, created the catalogue design, the tilte logo and the printed invitation.
Sotiris Leventis helped in the translation of texts and Irene Noel-Baker in proofreading.

Είσοδος (α) Είσοδος (β)

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photo by Madeleine Theochari

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Visitors photos from the opening by Emilia Theglou

Έξοδος (α)

Έξοδος (β)

The exit