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Artist Statement

[December 2017] back

I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist. I have studied painting in Venice, Italy and sculpture in Athens, Greece. My work has a profound connection to my life in Athens. To me, art is no less interaction between self and other than individual expression.
My art seeks eloquence; it spreads in the paths of philosophy and social commentary.
I work on paintings, sculptures and photographs. My works appear formally diverse as medium and style itself are subject to the artwork’s content. They too, convey the meaning —the same manner a vessel contains cargo. There is an infinite chain of decisions in the making of each work. My art is as I am: Slowly evolving a personal mythology that reflects the pathos, silence, and loss of the human condition.
In making my art I act on feelings, intuition and reasoning. Mistakes are an essential part of this evolution. Recently, humour is indispensable to my narratives. I feel strongly about the artist being a part of their community; the relation between the two is reciprocal. My solo exhibitions are not attended by text, as I consider it an obstruction to the spectator’s visual experience. I have created and run a visual literacy workshop, which aims to enhance the visual literacy skills of the general audience.

Camera: Emilia Milou