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Artist Statement

[August 2015] back

I have studied painting in Venice, Italy and sculpture in Athens, Greece. I have chosen to return and work in Greece. My work has a profound connection to my life in Athens, especially during the latest years of decadence. There is an infinite chain of decisions in the making of my work. My art seeks eloquence, spreading and meandering in the paths of philosophy and cruising the waters of social commentary.

I work simultaneously on paintings, sculptures and photographs. Even though my work is figurative, I choose to not copy from nature, and to not resort to photographs for inspiration. I work from my imagination where I have assimilated the observed detail of human figures and landscapes. A study of nature may be obstructive to that fragile process.

For me, a work’s formal characteristics convey the meaning in the same manner that a vessel contains cargo. Medium and style itself are subject to the artwork’s content. My works do not necessarily look alike. They are formally diverse but related in their content. My works are as I am: slowly evolving a personal mythology within urban locations that reflect the pathos, loss, bankruptcy and silence of the persons who inhabit them. I feel strongly about the artist being a part of their community - the relation between the two is reciprocal.

My surroundings are indispensable to the content of my art. I act on feelings, intuition and reasoning in making my art. When the two oppose each other, I break the dispute and proceed in separate artworks. Mistakes are an essential part of this evolution. I do not hide the mistakes in my work. Nor is there a requirement for my art to look finished.

I feel lucky to be an artist and to be able to express myself. To the direction of sharing my knowledge, in 2014 I have created a workshop for the general public; Learn to See. It applies an experiential method of developing ones visual literacy skills.

Camera: Emilia Milou