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Learn to See at 'Psifida'

Visual literacy is the learned ability to interpret visual messages accurately. A weighty part of the training of artists, seems vital for all everyday environments which are complex, tricky and constantly changing.
Michalis G Kallimopoulos, visual artist and art educator, created the Visual Literacy Workshop Learn to See in 2014. The new Visual Literacy Thematic Seminars are held at the Psifida Cultural Organization.

You can stay informed on the Learn to See project and keep an eye on upcoming workshops here (greek only).

Welcome to the website of Michalis G Kallimopoulos

This website is online since 2007 and is home to more than 350 works of the visual arts.
Here is a small selection:

Man Standing, on a Column. 2018. Sculptural installation. Giluform casting compound. Dimensions: 215 cm height ~base included, 35 cm, 33cm.
Exhibition: "Prometheus 2.0"

Photograph: Stavros Papadopoulos /

Kosmos 2016, detail. Sculptural installation consisting of an open number of 3D object files (.obj) modeled on Blender 2.77 in correspondence to an inventory. Work in progress. 3D printed satuettes, painted by hand, numbered and signed. Materials: Z-Ultrat, acrylic color, lead. The online inventory is here.
Exhibition “One, no one and eleven hundred”.

Photograph: Stavros Papadopoulos /

Sunday. 2014-16. Giluform with black pigment, acrylic colors, iron. Sculptural installation. Dimensions: 178 cm height, 61 cm, 40 cm. Black room.
Exhibitions “One, no one and eleven hundred”, “Pieces of…”.

Minus 1 Hp. 2013. Painting on paper
Exhibited: 'No Country for Young Men: Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis'

The Grimace. 2013. Painting

Birthday. 2012. Painting

The Dump: Hack of Klimt's 'The Beech Forest I'. 2011. Painting on paper

Family Dinner. 2011. Sculpture installation
Exhibited: "Remap 4", "Ploes XVII"

Episodes in Athens 1 to 5 and Episodes in Athens 6 to 12. 2008 and 2009. Painting

Here Come The Investors. 2009. Painting on paper
Exhibited: 'No Country for Young Men: Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis', "Ploes XVII"

The Acropolis Without Athens. 2008. Painting
Exhibited: "Cabinets of Miracles"

Ferry: Turning a Landscape Into a Portrait. 2008. Painting

dB / Sexual Counter - Revolution. 2007. Sculpture
Exhibited: “Nees Morfes 50 years after”

The Third Hole (2005) Sculpture
Exhibited: "Ploes XVII", "Common View", “Unfair '07”
+Dakis Ioannou Collection

Stripes. 2003. Sculpture
Exhibited: "Ploes XVII", "Common View", “Unfair '07”
+Dakis Ioannou Collection

Wanker's Grin. 2003. Sculpture
Exhibited: "Ploes XVII", "Common View"