I, According to Me

Michalis G. Kallimopoulos

Source: Catalogue of the exhibition "I, According to Me", Nees Morfes Gallery, April 2007


The aim of the artworks in this unity is to attribute a range of real notions and situations to nonexistent people - sculptures. The works of I, According to Me focus on an information and elaborate this information into something more abstract and general, into an idea, rather than dealing with form, which should be seen as housing the meaning and existing solely for this reason.

Each work is a separate research and should be viewed in seclusion from the rest. There is no overall view here: each work demands the absence of the rest, since it deals with a private moment or situation.

These are subjective depictions of our self by our self: the figures in the series determine themselves by what they think they are, not by who they really are, or by what they think they could be, or how others see them. All work done on them in the study was based on the concept of how I feel. The aim is to take away both the creator as middleman and the object from the object itself. The process was accomplished by removing a whole series of concepts: first to be removed was “what I seem to be”, then “what I am” was taken away, so what was left is “what I feel that I am”; a pseudo-subjective state was reached, whereby the object fashions its own self.

Finally, there has been an attempt for form to be simple and lucid, in order to facilitate the passage of the text towards and from matter.

(This text was written on the occasion of the I, According to Me exhibition at Nees Morfes Gallery in April 2007, and was included in the catalogue of the exhibition).

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