A reference to the 'Presentation of Virgin Mary' in 'Sunday'

Michalis G. Kallimopoulos


The motif of "The Presentation of Virgin Mary to the Templeā€œ was one of my references for the sculptural installation "Sunday"

(Note by the artist)

The episode of "The Presentation to the Temple" brought in a considerable influence to my early stages of designing the work. What mostly mattered to me was the relation created between the child's body and the dark interior of the sacred building. Here is how the story goes: At the age of 3 Maryam (the future Holy Mary) is "consecrated" (offered temporarily) to a temple, where she is to remain up to the age of 12. In the Catholic iconography the toddler is seen arriving at the temple entrance and greeted the male priest, Zechariah. I do not know more, nor can I credit the colleague who's painting is at the above picture on the top. In the picture above you can see my "Sunday"; for more of the work please click here. In the pictures that follow you can see the small scale model of the sculpture in the making, where the influnce of the iconography is evident.

For further research on the iconographic motif of "the presentation of Virgin Mary", you can view a nice collection here. You can see how the colleagues handled it over the centuries. Tiziano (1535) is also part of the Temple legacy, and my original inspiration, when a student at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.

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